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Jill Mashburn reviewed Atlanta Taekwondo
via Facebook

I'm so glad I did the 21 Day Primal Challenge. I accomplished the most all encompassing challenge of my life. I thought it would be life changing, and it was, but not just for me, for my whole family. I and up earlier then I used to get up, and feel like I have a purpose and a reason for getting up. The food was a challenge, even though I had cut out bread about 10 months ago, and was cutting out artificial sweeteners, I never tried to cut out all refined sugar and carbs. There is sugar in everything!!! Why?

I was doing a lot of challenges, arm challenge, plank challenge, but I had to slow down on them to focus on the Primal Challenge. It was hard to find food to eat at a few different times during the last 21 days. I fixed meals for my family and chose not to eat them, so what could I eat??!! Salad was my friend, you can put anything on a salad. I say I chose not to eat what was not on the challenge, because I am not allergic to it, but I wanted to stick by my commitment. I really enjoyed the results, after the sugar cloud cleared and I felt so much more focused. The mental changes have been such a plus. I have conscientiously noted things and people in my life for which to be grateful. I enjoy my nightly tea and downtime. I'm still working on "me" and I feel like I didn't get it all worked out. I have lost 8 pounds, and inches from top to bottom, thank goodness! I will continue to maintain so many of these changes for life. I know I will continue growing in journey. My success is on so many levels that's its hard to put them all down in words, but a few things:

Saying "I won't eat that" because I chose not to is empowering.

Learning what I can eat, outside of processed food, is rewarding.

Making an impact in my husband's and son's life by demonstrating a new commitment to improvement is powerful.

I do not want to lose this feeling of purpose and strength, I am so proud of my journey and so much more certain of myself. My choices are mine, and I have to be committed to myself. Now, off to do squats and pushups.

Gloria Palmer reviewed Atlanta Taekwondo
via Facebook

The 21-day challenge came along right when I was attempting to hit the reset button in a few areas of my life. I liked that it wasn’t just an eating plan, it was more comprehensive and included setting positive habits, especially at the very beginning and very end of the day. These are the times of day I am typically the least disciplined. Combine this with the group support and coaching, it has really helped me complete the program. I didn’t weigh or measure myself, but I can definitely see that my abdomen has gotten flatter, my jeans fit better, I can see more muscle in my arms, and I am steadily getting stronger. The daily 25 push-ups (“girl” push-ups for me) has steadily improved from barely being able to complete 5 sets of 5 all the way to being able to do a set of 20 then a set of 5. On the food front, at the beginning I think I went through some kind of withdrawal and I was really foggy for a few days, then I felt like I was constantly jumpy & hungry (eating a lot of fruit helped this), and then things stabilized and now I feel much more satisfied and solid. Now when I’m hungry, I’m able to experience hunger without it always being accompanied by a mood swing or a craving (think HANGRY!). Another participant mentioned a “re-wiring of the brain”, and I can relate, essentially the program has put a halt to some “event in life = I need to eat/drink this to cope” cycles and I feel more in control. Overall this has been a very positive, empowering experience for me.

Ana Marcos reviewed Atlanta Taekwondo
via Facebook

My photos don't accurately reflect how awesome I feel inside, but these measurements sure do!!! My clothes definitely fit different.

Highlights of what this challenge helped me do:

* Eliminate processed food, especially sugar and carbs (big win for me!)

* Make time in my day to do the things that are important for me - reflect, affirm, meditate and move (workout).

Overall, I eat healthier, sleep more, and have more energy to be a homeschool mom, an afterschool educator and massage therapist!

Jill Kulcsar Mashburn reviewed Atlanta Taekwondo
via Facebook

It's a great work out and it's fun. Meeting new people, but keeping friends in the mix. It's a challenge and, for me, I'm learning confidence, self-defense, and building strength.

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Top 5 Weight Loss Mistakes You’re Making


Do you ever wish you could just snap your fingers and be at the exact weight you dream of? Of course! And a quick fix is what we all are looking for. But unfortunately, even with all the “diets” out there, nothing seems to work, or they work in the short term, but not in the long term. This is because many of the quick fix diets out there ask you to cut one thing or another but never teach you to fuel your body for the best efficiency.

So, are you making diet choices that are failing you? Read below to find out.

Skipping Breakfast

You’ve heard it…Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And we agree! Eating breakfast everyday helps to rev up your metabolism and help you burn calories all day. Many people tend to skip breakfast in order to help cut calories but when you do this, it may trigger “starvation mode” in your body and therefore, anything you put in your body after, will be stored in your body instead of burning off.

Cutting Calories

While a reduction in calories is beneficial and necessary for weight loss, obsessively doing this will do you more harm than good. This is especially true if you are increasing your workouts. You must fuel your body to keep it working efficiently. Too much calorie restriction will have the opposite effect on what you are trying to achieve.

Extreme Workouts

Some people think that the more they workout, the more calories they burn, and therefore, the more weight they lose. And yes, this can happen. However, when you do too much cardio or burn too many calories without refueling your body, you are setting yourself up for failure. Cardio only workouts, help you burn calories and lose weight, but they don’t build muscle. In fact, those workouts may be burning off muscle, especially when coupled with a low-calorie diet. This will leave you “skinny fat.”

Cutting Macronutrients

Most “diets” out there ask you to cut something out and it is generally carbs and/or fat. However, doing away with an entire macronutrient can have be detrimental to your weight loss efforts. Carbohydrates are an essential fuel for your body for workouts and for getting through the work or school day. Healthy fats help keep you full, help the absorb other nutrients, and help balance your blood sugar.

Staying in the “Health Halo”

The “health halo” effect occurs when a food that has some healthy attributes is perceived as being virtuous in all respects, according to Berkeley Wellness. Natural, organic, local, gluten-free, etc…they all sound great because we’ve been conditioned to believe these are the best products out there for us. The problem is there are all kinds of sugary junk foods out there that are one of these things. That doesn’t make them healthy or help us lose weight so beware when consuming high amounts of these “healthy” foods.